underlined words

Concerning underlined words, better known as text based links to external content.

Here at Shovel Harder we are not immune to the corrosive reek (fart jokes) of the almighty enabler of ‘free’ content distribution, marketing. So here is our take on the whole thing.

It is the policy of Shovel Harder contributors to include links only as connectors to highly relevant or ironic resources concerning the topic being discussed by a specific post.  Our aim is to link to material in the same way that a synapse might fire in the brain. For example to recognize a pattern and hopefully to link that pattern to a more complex level of context. In other words we feel that links should connect our readers to extremely useful and relevant resources concerning the topic being discussed.

We promise never to publish content for the sole purpose of serving links to paid advertising . It will alway be our intention to submit you our reader only to products that a post’s author is either genuinely fascinated with or an owner of.

If ever you find underlined words on ShovelHarder.com to be misleading, disingenuous or just plain useless, please do let us know.

Toaster Scofl | Editor, ShovelHarder.com